time is fleeting, since the Xi’an incident has gone through 80 years, working in Xi’an for us above the most impressive person than a generation of rear admiral Zhang Xueliang! This year is the 80 anniversary of the incident in Xi’an, half past nine tomorrow morning, general Zhang Xueliang collection of historical relics and relics exhibition will be held in Liaoning, Zhang Xueliang Memorial Hall grand opening. Zhang Xueliang Zhang Juxin, a grandson of sun Zhang Juyang will attend the exhibition activities, for this event, interested friends, do not miss this opportunity!

this exhibition collected nearly a thousand pieces of historical materials and relics. Especially the donation in San Francisco Zhang descendants of Han Qing relics and general life photos etc.. The selection of a representative part of the historical exhibition and relics, with four units classified display. Such as "the Northeast academy instructor special graphic version of the tutorial", "big mourning record", "Marshal northeast economic official monthly", "the newspaper", play the Northeast naval ship target positioning telescope, which has historical value and historical significance of precious.

has been dead for many years for Zhang Xueliang, but whether it is the military, or love story, attracted many of us! The Zhang Xueliang historical relics exhibition and collection such as "the Northeast naval ship target positioning telescope, can see the Northeast naval fleet is strong, and the Northeast Navy’s largest warship" sea Xin "spectacular. Zhang Xueliang and Zhang descendants donated through the suit, wearing a cotton cap, used cameras, radios, telescope, globe, watch, and Zhao Yidi and Zhao Yidi’s marriage certificate, passport, driver’s license, jewelry box, coffee cup and so on, are the first publicly available. The exhibition also includes a number of Zhang descendants provided Zhang Xueliang and Zhao Yidi never published photos, is also very precious.

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