winter to play more interesting? I believe that more young people are naturally like to stimulate the movement of the ski area is worthy of people’s love, allowing more people to play free. Recently, the Beijing area full of ski business, ushered in another batch of people, let people feel the snow fun.

Beijing Fengtai District city of an outdoor ski, ski hall site in People are hurrying to and fro. bustling, many just learn the basic posture of the skier in a cable car ride to get to high snow road. Senior skier Zhang Jingshan said, a sharp increase in the number of consumers, production safety management to the field of snow increases the degree of difficulty, "(safety) on the snow skiers crash up, and consumers generally skiing skills and skills related to the quality is not enough."

and most of Beijing City ski, Wanlong eight easy skiing equipment rental tickets around 200 yuan per capita, but skiing courses per hour to 300 to 600 yuan. Ski coach Song Xuyang said, the general average zero based skiers need at least half a day to day time, to grasp the basic safety knowledge and action essentials of ski. The ski club founder Lishuo Cheval said, because the teaching cost is relatively expensive, sporadic consumption type high proportion, so most consumers reluctant to spend money on learning to ski. There is no sense of passion, skiers have the guts to no skill is a common phenomenon, "all ski coach costs than the expensive ticket, the proportion of 20% of consumers will ask the coach, the rest are playing their. A one-time consumption more skiers."

young people like to play a variety of exciting sports, in the winter, skiing is a natural fit, but the recent Beijing ski resort a hot, let people see the fun of skiing. However, in the process of play, people must pay attention to safety, in the outdoors to protect themselves is very important.

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