innovation is a very important link in the whole process of entrepreneurship, especially in today’s society, at the same time, in many large and medium-sized city, people also actively encourage entrepreneurship in the process of adding some innovative elements.


] to create a strong atmosphere

media compilation guide   let the entrepreneurial innovation group known by

to a "public business", "entrepreneur" of the new wave, let entrepreneurial innovation group awareness, understanding, use policy.


] multi-creation development space

entrepreneurship innovation places in Colleges and universities.

the highest subsidies 1 million yuan

to encourage public record space development, "measures" proposed "a group of four": cultivating a number of pioneering demonstration bases across the province to create a model of entrepreneurial innovation an operation mode of advanced and perfect facilities, service quality, environment influence and strong power in every heart, be not less than 5 million yuan reward; to create a batch of entrepreneurship camp, entrepreneurship and innovation of public places students across the Province ordinary higher school should have not less than 2000 square meters, each of which was not more than 1 million yuan of subsidies; the transformation of a number of guests around the world, to make use of the old plant, the old warehouse transformation of new public record space. In line with the conditions given by the incubation of housing subsidies, while supporting the allocation of land to allow the formalities for transfer agreement, and industrial division, land rental and housing property transfer policy;. Rise of a number of traditional incubators, in line with the conditions of the new incubator, will give 300 thousand – 1 million yuan reward or subsidy. < / recommendation

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