recently net exposure Chongqing a kindergarten actually end smelly ribs soup to the child to do lunch. The day happened to be open to parents of the kindergarten, many parents present, Sally’s parents very angry.

1 14, the reporter launched an investigation.

has closed the kindergarten

the kindergarten is located in the city of Jiulongpo Road No. 99 the same day near the Cloud View District, the full name of the Chongqing high tech Zone QITELE kindergarten.

1 on Sept. 14 at 12:10, the Chongqing evening news reporter walked into the hall of the kindergarten, many parents arguing, several children from time to time in chasing the crowd, do not see signs of the kindergarten class. Several parents said, the school has been closed, with the principal part of students to the pediatric hospital physical examination.

"lunch opening day has a problem, as can be imagined, the kindergarten children usually eat what food!" the child quite angry in Mr. Jiang read shift, worried children usually don’t eat health, health will be affected.

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