It is reported that in June 13th

news, wallet recently changed the domain name information, domain name has been low-key master, anecdotal the domain of the identity of the buyer may be Google Corporation or game maker Zynga.

Whois query, domain name domain name information in June 8th changed the current holder of the domain name information display for the DNStination domain name service provider, the domain name holder status is unknown, Wallet is a noun, can be translated into a purse, wallet and other means, the domain name for operations in the field of electronic payments, the domain name registered in 1995, has been 16 years of registration time domain are renewals to 2020.

in May this year, the Google Corporation launched Google wallet access login address is, Google does not enable independent wallet related domain names, clients and provide services in DNStination, the Google Corporation is often the service object, so the smell of the domain name printing pass a new home for the highest probability of Google.

in addition, there are also popular in other words, domain name buyers for game business Zynga possibility is very high, the game operators also launched a wallet payment platform, and the corresponding payment platform did not use independent domain name, netizens according to the development requirements and company capital speculation, is also a great buyer for the domain name Zynga the possibility of.

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