in the past, the impact of the Internet is changing the way we live, the electricity supplier to change our shopping habits, changing consumption habits of our O2O line, Internet banking will change our credit card and financial habits……


today’s Internet era, is a comprehensive approach to the industrial Internet era, began to change the production of all enterprises. For all industries, which means new changes and opportunities, the same is true of the healthcare industry. In the process of change, the entire medical industry has ushered in the air everywhere, Liu Kuang personally believe that the following ten segments will usher in new market opportunities.

, precision medical

Medicine (Precision) in recent years is the rise of the disease treatment program, which emphasizes the treatment of individual genetic changes, environmental impact, lifestyle, etc.. From January 20, 2015, the president of the United States Obama in the state of the Union Medicine plan ", a time accurate medical treatment" has become a hot topic of global coverage. The Chinese government has also put forward its own precision medical plan to be in 2030, to invest 60 billion into the field of precision medicine.

at present, in the development of accurate medical Chinese has just started, the overall market opportunity is big, but also in the field of entrepreneurial projects are not many, the whole industry competition pressure is also small, but in the future it is very widely used.

for precision care, in addition to genetic monitoring, there is one of the most important factor, which is big data analysis. On the one hand, the need to accumulate sufficient patient data; on the other hand, the need for a large number of data based on the precise analysis, the use of large data in the medical treatment will be more and more widely.

two, intelligent medical

with big data that is the artificial intelligence technology, and they are closely related to the two, artificial intelligence is also built on the basis of large data. At present, the domestic Internet giants are looking to the medical wisdom, millet investment of $25 million to nine medical’s iHealth, Baidu cooperation with the Beijing municipal government launched the Beijing health cloud, Ali in the intelligent medical health is everything in good order and well arranged layout.

for traditional hospitals, medical institutions who, in the process of the realization of the Internet industry chain, but also need to upgrade and improve their current medical equipment. In the past, because of the domestic medical equipment technology lags behind Europe and other developed countries, the rise of intelligent medical is to the domestic medical equipment industry has brought new opportunities, the future of traditional medical equipment will all be replaced by intelligent medical equipment, this field for entrepreneurs is a very big opportunity.

three, medical finance

Alipay future hospital since the beginning of May 2014, has reached its cooperation.

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