IT Times reporter especially Xin Fei

Yao Ming once called the price of millions of domain name "", the price is only 90 yuan, the price is still the domain name Jeremy Lin is 250 thousand yuan, but let the specialized domain name speculation No one shows any interest in, "corn worm" complain incessantly.

common domain prices are down

since ICANN ICANN announced the opening of a new top-level domain, nearly 2000 top-level domain name has been submitted to a domain name registration application, the new top-level domain name will be officially released in early 2013. In the past, the company’s domain name can only be registered under.Com or.Org, and now they can register their own top-level domain names, including.Android,.App,.Love,.Ico,.Homes,.Ibm,.Android, etc.. The original.Cn,.Com resources has been quite tight, but with the expansion of the suffix, the domain name number again enriched, which leads to lower the price of.Com.Cn, domain name.

day before the launch of the domain name domain name service provider network Festival, a variety of domain name prices dropped to the freezing point of history, the.Cn domain name fee from 99 yuan to 55 yuan, 139 yuan from the.Com/.net domain name directly down to 55 yuan, the sales price to 61% off. Further pressure on other service providers, who predicted there will be a large number of service providers to follow up the price promotions, and some lack of strength or weak competitiveness of service providers is likely to be eliminated.

the number of domain names to expand the number of top-level domain, and with the advance of IPV6, so that the IP address is also abundant, it can be predicted that the general domain name more and more worthless." The Ministry of Telecommunications Research Institute expert He Baohong IPV6 of "IT times" reporter said, with the top-level domain name open, the future will be derived from many different domains, such as, and so on, so famous domain name value decreased.

CEO China renamed "IT times" Kong Dejing told reporters, "since the last century since 90s, the domain name auction and legend overnight so many people with a dream. But now the domain name market is no longer the gold man’s dream paradise. China’s investment in the domain name market has been initially formed, celebrity domain name is more than a temporary aura, not as valuable as the business domain name. If you want to register a domain name will be able to get a hundredfold return, which is unrealistic."

domain name is still valuable

however, although the number of future domain names increased, but some special domain name is still the darling of the market. These domains contain proprietary names or special meanings and have a greater commercial value. Recently, boutique Larry domain with 7 digit price change, and >

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