[introduction] full network management team still accounted for 20% of shares, Feng Xiaohai served as founder of Suning local business person in charge of life.


Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on January 26th

group purchase is raging like a storm. Baidu’s acquisition of all remaining shares traded glutinous rice nets just settled, Suning has reached a deal with full network.

technology Tencent was informed today, full network has received Suning $10 million offer, full net investor’s original KPCB completely exit. In addition, the financial adviser in this transaction is easy Kay capital.

technology insider to the Tencent said, Suning has sold out the current internal and the convening of the general assembly, Suning senior has said for the full join Suning family welcome. With Suning acquisition red children deals, the deal in the full network did not choose to sell all the shares, the management team still accounted for 20% of the shares, and maintain independent operation, will take over Su Ningqi all travel business, group purchase.

The current

is Suning and full delivery business, is expected to be completed in March this year, after the completion of the transaction the full network founder Feng Xiaohai will not opt out, but as a business person in charge of Suning local life. Feng Xiaohai Tencent technology confirmed that the transaction has been reached.

The current

, with ALI investment group, Tencent, Baidu investment international holding rice, group purchase is considered to have entered the competition of family background "era, truly by VC investment group purchase website is less and less, the full equivalent to find his father".

over the past 2 years, Suning has been accelerating the layout of the line, more and more attention to the field of local life. Suning.com in 2013 June launched the local life channel, from the original three, group purchase travel, virtual channel integration and upgrade, covered with delicacy and entertainment, life, beauty, and other commodities, the Turisthotellet group purchase services, covering Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou city.

at the beginning of 2014, suning.com App operating independently "Su Ning life", and in the surrounding delicacy the geographic location of the user on the basis of concessions, group purchase services such as search and recommendation. However, Suning in the local areas of life there are many awkward, the most prominent is the low coverage of the next line of business, to be able to search businesses less, and full combination can solve this problem very well.

this measure is similar to Baidu, in August last year to $160 million stake in glutinous rice network, and accelerate the integration of Baidu maps and glutinous rice network. Not long ago, vice president Liu Jun also sent sticky rice network CEO, which indicates that Baidu will continue to increase investment in the field of O2O.

analysts pointed out that, for those who try to enter the O2O industry enterprises, the accumulation of business group purchase website for more than 3 years of operating experience, the line is added on their own; considering the new entrance and for the local market penetration value, will lead to the re evaluation to the domestic Internet giant group purchase value, and then a heavyweight.

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