today found Firefox Firebug plug-in plug-in YSlow website optimization based on a Yahoo released, after a study found, this plugin is indeed very good, each page on the website optimization are very helpful, he will tell you where your site optimization do not, those places need to improve I took a look at his tools there is a picture compression tool, did quite overbearing. Today, I would like to introduce the function of the compressed image of YSlow webmaster friends.

before installing the YSlow, another popular WEB development tools Firebug first installed in FireFox, after installing YSlow, you can analyze web page HTML code and JavaScript code using YSlow and its optimization.


click on tools, and then there is a all, click to enter a yahoo page, as shown in figure


this page records all the pictures of current web pages of information compression, those pictures can also be compressed, can compress the number, click on the Download Smushed Images button can download these pictures to your site, covering the original picture file, and he also provides a very humane choice, retention the directory structure of images (Keep directory structure in zip file), it means that you can directly download decompress after the upload to your website directory, without the need to cover a picture of yourself. As a result, your site above the picture after compression on the big, the entire page to reduce the speed of access is faster than the original.

According to the official

Yahoo, make the tool of image compression is lossless, i.e. you can without loss of the accuracy of pictures for your web page weight, this also does not know what tools can detect the compressed image is damaged, but I through macroscopic observation before and after compression pictures, feeling no difference, we can try to see. More YSlow features to be studied.

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