Robin Li referred to the current Baidu need to think and work in four directions, including content distribution, connectivity services, financial innovation and artificial intelligence.


Baidu change mentality is eager, just the first day of the Spring Festival on the first Monday, Robin Li made a speech on the inside to meet the new era.

speech, Robin Li referred to the current Baidu needs to think and work in four directions, including content distribution, connectivity services, financial innovation and artificial intelligence.

one, Baidu in essence, the core thing or do content distribution. PC from the Internet to the mobile Internet, more and more content is encapsulated in WeChat, micro-blog, how to use the Baidu platform, allowing users to make content back to facilitate access, this is the need to seriously consider carefully prepared and strive for something in the new era.

second, the connection services, as long as the content is not pure virtual, as long as the payment behavior, including the connection under the line, are considered services. Baidu do content distribution, service distribution, is to allow the right person to find the right content, the right service. This is the need to think of a way to solve the problem by the content of the service to solve the problem of Baidu.

3, FSG (Baidu financial services group) is the most important thing to do is called B2B2C mode. Baidu needs to find insight, see things others can not see, so more favorable than others, likely to do better than others.

fourth, artificial intelligence is the most obvious opportunity now is a combination of hardware and software, as well as industry movement, artificial intelligence will change in every industry. Baidu is not a vertical industry company, more like a platform company, Baidu can not be very understanding of each industry is very, very seriously, but will find a very large number of applications.

in his speech, Robin Li also stressed the importance of the corporate culture, can not open to communication and promotion according to status.

Robin Li said that last year Baidu anti-corruption efforts is relatively large, and will always unremittingly, to make everyone feel fair, we must fight off those who beat the system.

at the same time, he opposed to the opening of a new bold promotion according to status. "Ten years ago, when Baidu made some new products, the people in charge of those products may be younger than the people we are here today, at the age of ten. But today’s people, you will be very easy to take a ten years younger than you said, this product to you?. In fact, it does not matter, they may be better than you do".

finally, Robin Li proposed to "clean the door", which is against false information and excessive advertising, because it is currently the most important factor to hurt Baidu experience.

Robin Li pointed out that the next phase out of the market is not competitive products, the withdrawal of the withdrawal, the clearance on the clearance, and the

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