1 SNS Legion underground industry chain exposure Taobao brush is just castles in the air of  


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SNS Corps is spread through various channels, the home office monthly income of 10000 yuan, the intention to attract numerous part-time, and therefore SNS Legion burst of red network. The so-called SNS Legion is actually brush legion, they buy and comment through false help shop sales and enhance the popularity. Now, Taobao brush single Corps has formed an underground industry chain earning large quantities of gold each day.

SNS Legion underground industry chain exposure Taobao brush is just castles in the air

imagine if the same product, a high volume, rave reviews, scanty another sales, you will choose the former is not? If you immediately so decided, I’m afraid you will fall into the trap. Fierce competition between the shop and even unfair competition, to the SNS Corps provides fertile soil for growth.

2 public comment Baidu sued a large number of plagiarism, copying content  

yesterday, the Shanghai first intermediate people’s court accepted the plaintiff Shanghai Hantao Information Consulting Co (hereinafter referred to as the Han Tao company) accused the Beijing Baidu Netcom Science Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Baidu Inc), Shanghai jietu Software Technology Company Limited (hereinafter referred to jietu company) unfair competition disputes. Han Tao company petitioned the two defendants to compensate the economic loss of 90 million yuan.

Han Tao, the complaint submitted to the court, Hantao company of "operator dianping.com". Since 2012, the company found Hantao Baidu Inc without their permission, and that Baidu maps mobile phone client in Baidu map website, operated by Baidu to provide life service information in the process, the contents of a large number of plagiarism, copying all its "in dianping.com" user information, user reviews, causing many users, to mislead the public, cause huge losses to the.

3 thunder cloud broadcast is also down the net exposure thunder cloud broadcast has been unable to use the members have asked for a refund  

had a look at the film clip Nora in a few days ago because of alleged dissemination of pornographic information being investigated, and now another big piece of film thunder thunder seems to be unable to hold up.

@ computer world official micro-blog this morning claimed that after Nora, Baidu video, Baidu SkyDrive after the fall, yesterday also followed the fall sowing thunder cloud thunder members night returned to liberation. Now thunder forum chaos, users have purchased a membership for a refund…".

followed by the author in the thunder cloud broadcast forum found that this is indeed the case, there are a lot of users in the Forum Post said thunder cloud seeding has not been able to use, have asked for a refund.

4 Alipay wallet version 8.1 push payment code function domain name was registered &>

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