in this play under the guidance of Ding Lei and NetEase, almost no mention of "air". Why in the reporter’s question, the arrival of video, air group purchase electricity supplier, the NetEase does not participate in? Ding Lei answered "right, this is my meditation."

February 16th, NetEase announced the 2016 annual report, the annual net income of $38 billion 179 million, an increase of 67.4%, net profit of $11 billion 605 million, an increase of 72.3%, total revenue and net profit reached a record high. The fourth quarter, NetEase’s revenue and profits exceeded analysts’ expectations, beautiful earnings data so that NetEase shares soared yesterday, the market value of nearly $40 billion to $14.23%.


as a talk about "Internet thinking" and "air theory", but not fast breaking theory "and other mainstream theory, considered" almost perfect Miss "business, social, O2O, live, share economy air companies, NetEase in the past year, with rare dynamic earnings data and established Internet Co the interpretation of his own understanding of" air ". "Yin and Yang" become fully deserve the national level Mobile Games, NetEase China koala sea purchase become largest cross-border electronic business platform, the NetEase selected by ODM model the impact of the dark horse industry, NetEase active users in cloud music music application market top three NetEase; central taste black five auction event sensation ring and pig raising technology……

as the evaluation of the outside world, in 2016, NetEase’s performance is very NetEase". When Sina, Sohu and other old rival juechenerqu, millet Internet thinking began to be bad mouthing the gods, translocation when NetEase 2016 performance has become a powerful argument for its impact China Internet fourth pole seat. Why NetEase out of twenty years of history. Out of a "NetEase characteristics" of the Internet road? All of this, probably from Ding Lei to find the answer.

From the

system in the home, led the NetEase through listing, the suspension, resumption of trading, the high price of new Ding Lei, in the past ten years long fade out of the public eye, but also led the NetEase captured the game, business, education, music and agriculture rapidly a territory. In the commercial model switching time, about the character of Ding Lei "conservative, willful and habitually slow" evaluation, probably no longer applicable, as the media said, "it is time to re-examine Ding Lei and his NetEase".

"style elegant Satin hand Ding Lei VS. idol burden entrepreneur Ding Lei

in the boss culture dominated the company, Ding Lei’s impact on NetEase, compared to Ma’s in Ali, Jingdong, I am afraid that Liu Qiangdong will not be less.

As a special case of

chiefs in, know all about Ding Lei and the staff turnover is widely spread, NetEase has also produced posters all of Ding Lei’s "out of the ordinary": know all 8 employees, thirty billion are still worth 300 dollars every day wearing UNIQLO, understand the product design but also understand the operators understand and use English conversation. Simultaneous >

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