news October 22nd, the day before, there are people close to Tmall to billion state power network broke the news, "Jia boss Justin · Timblerlake (Justin Timberlake) will sing this year with 11 party, singing songs or for the upcoming 3D animated film" the wizard "(Trolls) the theme song" Cant Stop The Feeling ".

billion state power network has learned, after Tmall’s IP entertainment platform Ali fish has disclosed in November this year, the new movie "with DreamWorks magic hair Wizard" the depth of cooperation, joint development of the commercialization of IP. The boss not only Jia served as the heroine of the film at the voice, but also sang the theme song for the film, as the film soundtrack music producer, producer of the song, including 4 song soundtrack. One of the theme song "Can" t Stop Feeling The" will be released to occupy the top of the country music list.


Jia boss for film making music

previously, Tmall double 11 party Organising Committee chief planner, Ali fish who should be responsible for the macro call, the second Tmall double 11 carnival night will introduce international stars and play, Justin · Timblerlake is the fruit sister Katie · Perry (Katy Perry) after the second exposed American pop singer.

it is understood that Jia boss had won 9 Grammy Awards, the best male pop singer of the two, nominated a total of Grammy Awards for the 27 time. At the same time also starred in the drama, 4 American television Emmy Awards, nominated 8 times. As the most important American pop music singer, Jia boss of 3 famous songs on the most famous American music billboard Billboard Hot100 champion, has 3 Billboard 200 album. In 2010, Jia boss also starred in the movie "the social network", as an early investor Facebook founder Zach Burke.


boss and Britney Spears Britney was a childhood of grew up in the Disney Club pop divas, in 1999 two announced the beginning of dating, call each other’s love, became the most dazzling music jintongyunv. Unfortunately, the two love on the end of 2002, and has since become the love of life.

billion state power network to understand, Ali fish as this year 11 entertainment bears, bear the core function in the party planning, marketing and other services in the whole data link. Not only has a separate entrance fish in the sale of the main venue of Ali, Ali said the fish, will go at least dozens of all different groups of the venue, with IP’s goods, and with this IP population matched population, to improve the conversion rate. This year 11 Ali fish will be through a combination of rich IP resources, to provide businesses with the "three modernizations", which is interesting.

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