with the continuous focus WeChat popularity, more and more enterprises and institutions to realize the huge marketing value of WeChat platform, WeChat will be the future of new media in recent years the most influential, but we also clearly see the Internet marketing training industry successfully, the Internet emerge overnight n called WeChat training master, micro-blog said when marketing micro-blog users fire, WeChat users began marketing these masters without a whoop and a holler prestige, technical development team, not a market WeChat service experience, only by self hype and packaging flicker everywhere speech how enterprises carry out WeChat marketing, as the enterprise and the marketing personnel should be careful to distinguish. A5 webmaster network exclusive invite Nanjing cattle Friends Information Technology Co. Ltd. CEO sinus bright held WeChat marketing training, starting from the actual, through case analysis led us into the WeChat marketing field, unveiled the

Marketing Authority!


Zhang Zichuang, designer, continuous entrepreneur. The Tencent internal materials "" social dividend book WeChat case providers, angel Bay Investment fusion first quarter member, Tencent micro-blog recommended the first open platform for developers of high quality, a former Tencent open platform forum moderator, youmi network lecturer, "Jiangsu daily" WeChat honorary consultant, you 500 city business projects one of the sponsors.

sports Tencent in 2014 London Olympic Games project planning technology provider, "the founder of sina micro-blog and other Tencent in you" and "not every drop of milk is Deluxe" and other popular events, with Li Kaifu WeChat promotion of public accounts.


Dou Mingliang, Yangzhou, graduated from the school of economics and management, Southeast University. Has been founded in Nanjing, the largest university organization, Nanjing University Alliance, founded 06 years 3D Nanjing, in 2012 to join the WeChat project, the city of friends of the entrepreneurial venture sponsor of the city of 500.


Dou Mingliang

The NUU team has millions of subscribers of WeChat account

speaker teams, the integration of millions of WeChat large resources, by the media as Nanjing WeChat electric first team.

training features

first, has a wealth of operational experience, to eliminate the empty theory!

second, small class teaching, so that each student has the opportunity to participate in the exchange of questions and


third, video training, allowing students to see the teacher’s desktop demonstration operation, to achieve the effect of on-site teaching

fourth, QQ group to provide long-term guidance services, so that each student has grown!

enrollment object: enterprise general manager, marketing director, marketing director, brand director, sales / customer director, brand public relations, government and institutions responsible person

course arrangement

a, micro >

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