renamed China ( February 26th news, today morning, Lenovo’s official website by hackers Lizard Squad web page into a raid, rebellious youth self show, and also continue to play the movie "high school musical" in the song. As small series before the draft, Lenovo’s official website domain failed to restore access, while Lenovo China can still be a normal visit.

figure: Lenovo official website

currently, Lenovo official yet to the black to make a statement, but the hacker group Lizard Squad has tweeted "Lenovo and Google Vietnam website was hacked. It was later also released," interesting content "".

in addition to the official website of Lenovo Inc ( suffered attacks, Lenovo Inc’s internal mail system has not been spared. It is reported that the attacker is hijacked domain name, will be redirected to their control of the server, and the Lenovo is attacked, and perhaps Lenovo had the computer bundled with the Superfish encryption advertising program, causing consumer dissatisfaction about.

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