Jingdong in this year long drift from the beginning of the peoples praise in the teeth of the storm, and now everyone shouting, April Jingdong were caught competitors, has always been to the price war as the weapon of the Jingdong in April chose silence, while Liu Qiangdong said the Jingdong has 6 billion account funds, but the only thing he knows. Recently, there is news that the Jingdong will take 500 million price war, this should be not only the Jingdong’s slogan, but the Jingdong listed before the fight to win or die.

Jingdong funds stranded stop advertising

a few days ago, the media said the Jingdong off part of the CCTV advertising, the outside world are said to be due to financial pressure to make the Jingdong advertising contraction, then Jingdong had been denied the media stir cast 230 million yuan to buy the CCTV advertising section of that scene when Jingdong were glad to be outside speculation, but was denied and now a huge stir outside tender things. I really do not know is a small Jingdong like to take advantage of the media, or Jingdong public relations to do a good job. But Jingdong stopped advertising should be an internal strategic adjustment, ready for the upcoming Olympic games.

Jingdong press Olympic promotion war

Jingdong specific promotional strategies we can make nothing of it, but we can imagine, the upcoming 6-9 month summer has been sold in the home appliance season, which in June the graduation season is usually 3C sales season, coupled with this year’s Olympic Games, this summer is simply a promotional Carnival season. Jingdong can not give up the main section of the CCTV advertising completely, now Jingdong should be in the promotion of strategic adjustment and adjustment may be part of the deployment of advertising, CCTV advertising money into the Internet, the Olympic period of CCTV advertising as a TV advertising focus, the network advertisement as auxiliary. Jingdong in injecting the Olympic marketing war, although the Jingdong has publicly announced to the outside world, will be a price war in 5 and June for $500 million, but May is to carry out publicity preheating, the real price war will begin in 6 and July.

, of course, more than just speculation, believe it or not, but from 6 to September is the best time to business promotion, certainly believe that Jingdong will not miss IPO, before the Jingdong need to have good performance, if the Jingdong from 6 to September, this period is not war, the Jingdong this year how performance IPO Jingdong funds tight? So now, the money needed to calculate the flowers. Jingdong or IPO in advance, or come up with good results this year, the success of the listing of Jingdong is not a problem, the problem is how much he is worth, how much money depends on his performance.

sniper Jingdong campaign will upgrade

every summer are household appliance sales season, June graduated promotion season is the 3C product sales season, every year junior high school, high school and college graduates will choose to purchase a mobile phone, computer, camera and other 3C products at this time. And in July this year, during the summer Olympic promotion just the hottest season, this period is when the refrigerator, air conditioner, TV hot. August promotion

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