then I’ll talk about the WeChat public number:


is a public number accumulation in the process of fans, fans will have the amount of reading, the reading can bring more fans, a new public number is not a fan even if you write again good, again good, more is of no use, it does not spread out, released on even a reading will not produce, but do not think what 10W+


when you are reading the article when others might find somebody else’s article perhaps just a few words a few pictures to a reading of 10W+

, this is why?


do you know the amount of fans behind the people may be in the tens or even hundreds of thousands, each push an article as long as there is a good title and a good picture casually and read a 10W+,

is so simple!

your new number, a few fans, can you?

want to make money?

WeChat public number to open the flow of the main premise is:

1, belong to the original type to meet the 10000 fans can open the application

2, is a common type to meet the 20000 fans can open the application


where do these 10000-20000 fans come from?

no fans talk about how to make money?

let me talk about the headline number

, just registered audit by the headlines when in a new personal period, every day only allowed to publish an article, but as long as this article quality (must be original), title is attractive, will get the recommended amount and the amount of reading is very high, this is a new WeChat, the public can not match. The.

as a novice you publish an article on a new headline number, as long as the system is recommended, the amount of reading may be 1000, it may be a

, may also hit the amount of reading 10W+!

this is the WeChat public number can not be compared to the


example: This is my first 2016-09-09 10:49 open,



found is already 10 points at the time, so he writes this article "a thousand dollars worth of micro business marketing training course, even the recruit, recruit you!" when writing an article has more than 12 at night, because it is the first article attaches great importance to its release time, I write the article is copied to the background editor good, normal to save draft to around 8 in the morning out of second days, because this time point post belongs to the "golden period".

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