believes that WeChat useful friends easily in a dynamic list of the circle of friends found in the part of the user’s head had the new change, that is in the upper right corner of the picture has a red circle, looks like the unread message of the general feeling, feeling really uncomfortable, as shown below.

many people will say that this is one of the most humble changes, but such a head change can detonate a lot of user attention. Although for some unfriendly, because some obsessive friends will be tempted to go under the head of view, but because such a let some people are very worried, in a moment of fire up the internet. The most fundamental reason for this phenomenon is perhaps the essence of Internet Marketing – attention economy, that is to say, on the Internet all marketing as long as they can attract more people’s attention, it is easier to become a successful marketing. So, to give full play to the role of attention economy in Internet marketing, is to try to have the entrance flow in various marketing programs and can do some innovation, even if it is not worth mentioning the innovation, perhaps just a small change, can instantly attract thousands of people’s attention, so as to achieve the purpose of maximizing marketing the. We need to consider the following aspects.

first, the attention of Internet marketing should be reflected in the details. Or take the example of the recent WeChat Avatar "red circle". If that is released in the circle of friends of the WeChat personalized content may need to spend a lot of time, and a common sign in WeChat on the picture, may only need a small operation can be achieved, but the effect brought by the WeChat head "red circle" is more obvious.

secondly, Internet marketing attention can not have too much negative impact. WeChat head "red circle" just let some people with obsessive compulsive disorder to continue, if that is crazy, let all people be crazy, then this is not the active Internet marketing. Some people are said to be due to see the red circle with the head, thought WeChat was poisoned, and then immediately change the password, and some users do not dare to point those head, thought not careful in the Trojan virus, which is an individual case. To illustrate the point is that the Internet marketing attention can not be too negative or too much anxiety to the user, and if you can add a certain interest will make the user more impressive.

addition, the attention of Internet marketing has a certain timeliness. All the impact of the Internet marketing advertising has a certain timeliness, it can not always in the fire. The earlier "Gangnam style", recently the "nerve cat game" will be a lot of people because of the time and slowly forget, so every time the Internet marketing is an opportunity, need appropriate guidance in a timely manner will be "attracted attention" to bring traffic, into marketing content, let attention has become the real economy of Internet marketing.

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