a small seller deceived Taobao’s surprise scam?

national buyers set off for scouring outside the site of the product rights climax

business school marketing conference site reporter unannounced visits to restore the truth

this is a Taobao small sellers common dream: in order to expand the business, they find independent shop in Taobao, the establishment of e-commerce websites of their own, lemon, seven princess Green Tea…… If you think that you can succeed! Cater to Taobao small sellers in mind, the business school’s "store manager", "Amoy Amoy outside in the nets" Tao station products came into being, with the conference marketing model on sale in the country, up most of the market share outside the establishment of amoy. Look, all the logical, but with a lot of Taobao, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, the seller in Shandong, Northeast China, Guangdong, Tianjin and other major provinces and cities have to rise up, at business school and other enterprises meeting the marketing process there are a lot of false content, the company will return their hard-earned money.

IT Times reporter Wang Xin

A the seller rights upgrade has filed a suit to the court

9600 yuan to build a dead station

Lin Lin (a pseudonym) is a common Taobao seller, Jiangsu Xuzhou more than and 20 year old, petite. "Can be said to eat in Taobao usually, online and network novel is all of my life." In a self-made, small woman, to Taobao for students.

in April 7th this year, she attended a marketing conference by Shanghai Business School Network Technology Co. Ltd. Hangzhou agents to network science and technology limited company held in Xuzhou Haitian hotel. In more than 3 hours of the meeting, they play Ma’s speech, talking about the history of Taobao, said it can bring traffic to Amoy outside the site…… All of the things, let us participants believe that this is a Taobao internal activities, can bring benefits to the seller." The bill after the payment of $9600 in back to a photo of her, the business school, to the three parties signed the contract.

found himself in, until June 6th, built a log website Amoy outside are not completely, is "dead station", she was alert, and the internet. "I have the same experience with the original Taobao seller in a light online business school, to have a lot of other QQ activist group." In the beginning and realized what had happened.

I admit


in order to have a say, one day at the beginning of July 10 in the evening, she was alone on the train to Hangzhou to the company, hope the other party to give yourself a clear explanation. After ten hours of journey, when she arrived at the company to fatigued with the journey, the other to complete a 180 degree turn, on the promise of meeting the service completely admit.

, "they said I would not do business, then simply say no promise"

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