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, said that after 17 consecutive months of growth, the famous social networking site Facebook users in the UK for the first time there has been a decline. MySpace and Bebo popularity is cooling. Therefore, the industry analysis, the popularity of social networking sites may have crossed the summit. Media exposure is very high, the most popular social networking sites in the eyes of the Chinese people are very low-key. It can even be said that the community is one of the most confusing words on the internet.

with the Web 2 wave rise, submitted by the user of the popular Internet service content. However, the fact is that all the community website in the world is to rely on users to submit content to operate, so that more people do not know, in the end of this wave of Web 2 with the previous community website?

in the country, due to the Chinese blog network, Sohu and other network media has achieved great success, making this type of community service Blog began to embark on the grassroots media approach. In such a way, it is also natural to dig out more grassroots writers and cultivate grassroots celebrities. While Sina’s celebrity blog is the opposite, is invited in the realistic society has a certain reputation to the blog, so as to attract more attention.

no matter what the mode of operation, it is easy to distinguish, at this stage of the blog, in fact, we understand the community website is still very far away. This form of blog, always make people feel a little less community atmosphere, but more like the media.

social networking sites focus on user relationship chain

community website is a kind of public space of collective participation, the past is like blog service is muttering in his room, and then expect to be found. However, with the evolution of services, blog service has entered the next stage: social networking services.

blog not everyone can Writings are for conveying truth. in just a few words more. Many people wrote a few months and found no one concerned, naturally there is no motivation to write. And expect to be superior editorial attention, also as the same blog in which people concern each other. Therefore, to form a social circle based on the blog, this concept has become a new direction of development. Myspace and Facebook have been rising in the United States, so that this kind of website more attention to the interaction between users. The services provided on the website, such as blogs and photo albums, are regarded as the basis for user interaction, or as a result of interaction, and are no longer regarded as media content.

users’ relationship chain is more important here, they pay attention to each other what to write, what to do, what new photos, add friends. Some people set up their own circle to attract people of similar interests to join.

, however, such a pattern is somewhat different from the earliest definition of the community, because the community is still more open to the open space, and interpersonal interaction and even circles, but also

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