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Mengsui small board listed 263 Network Communications Limited (263 network), at the present stage a comeback. The industry believes that the 263 network was listed in 2008 was mainly due to the application of the company was not set up before the completion of the overseas, the main business is not prominent. After a lapse of two years, 263 companies set up overseas companies in the end of 2008 to complete the cancellation procedures. But its main business, has formed a prominent advantage?

main stereotypes

263 network has been established for 11 years, from 1999 the main Internet access services, to 2001 95963 main calling Internet service, to turn to the Internet phone market in 2004, the main business change again.

Frequent changes in the main business of

, the industry believes that its business is not single-minded, although many of the business involved, but did not make a bigger.

263 network from 2004 began to shift the focus of the business of the Internet phone market, specifically ET services and DOSHOW services. However, due to the wrong estimate of the policy on the regulation of Internet telephony, the 263 network in 2006 began stripping ET business, the transfer of DOSHOW services. In October 28, 2006, the ET business to Shanghai zhizhenshitong company (zhizhenshitong). After Fang Haotian and linso and Association letter industry jointly set up 263 network tailifeng billion, accounting for 19% of the registered capital, the letter industry accounted for 41%, accounting for 40% of zhizhenshitong.

in order to avoid related party transactions, after the listing in March 23, 2008, 263 network acquired Haotian letter industry holds a 41% stake in tailifeng billion. Thus, although the 263 network will be stripped of the ET business straight straight through, but still with a 60% stake in ET business. But here is the question of why, after the 263 network launched in April 2008 was not just a month, there will be 60% billion equity transfer its holdings tailifeng to zhizhenshitong


it is worth noting that, in the establishment of Talim Fung billion at the time, inconsistent two disclosed in the prospectus. In 2008 the prospectus is "October 28, 2006", which happens to be the day of the 263 network will ET businesses to zhizhenshitong day, but in this Prospectus has become a "November 5, 2006", it is difficult.

"(263) business center telephone network, but only 60% of the equity shares of this part of the business to business, this actually reflects its main business is not prominent, handing in consultation with the relevant people said, this is the main reason was not listed in 2008.

profit model defects

After the 2008

is not listed, the 263 network began to realize that the main business is not prominent, and instead focus on network telephone service, and in the second half of 2008 investment in the United States third telephone network operators – iTalk company. At present, however

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