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Xie Yi

Shenzhen shadow Technology Co., Ltd. founder

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shadow Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in Shenzhen in 2005, is a focus on photographic equipment R & D, manufacturing and sales of integrated enterprise. The Shadowsong technology to create "Aputure" (love figure Shi) brand is committed to develop the international market, develop very quickly, in just a few years time has become the North American and European famous photographic equipment distributor and retailer partners. By virtue of the excellent products, the company continues to win the majority of customers and consumers.

just a few years time, love figure Shi brand renowned overseas, among this, what are the unique Xie total experience? In addition, in the brand operation, he is how to treat self and distribution of these two models? More exciting, as in the "sea" interview.

for the following interview content finishing

specialization is the only way to do cross-border electricity supplier

Xie view, for most of the cross-border electricity supplier sellers, should be relatively focused on a certain industry and fields, because in a field of industry and do longer will be more familiar with, understand the deeper the more professional. This profession, including professional products, professional services, professional sales and so on, only such a full range of professional ability to impress customers. Xie Zong said that their customer service staff and sales staff must go through a cycle of training, before they can be formally appointed, will not allow non professional staff directly to customers. So they will be able to become a big seller on the eBay, but also won several eBay Award for the best service, which has specialized ingredients in it.

and the future of cross-border electricity supplier, but also the need for more professional team. This specialization has two meanings, one is to be professional in the field of cross-border electricity supplier, another is to do business, then in an industry or an industry, find a brand thinking companies to introduce their products to consumers around the world. This is a path to the future development, especially for small and medium cross-border electricity supplier sellers, is a good opportunity.


cross-border electricity supplier in the future tend to brand

Xie Zong believes that cross-border electricity supplier is still in a vigorous period, is a very fast conversion of the industry, in a short span of ten years, appeared in several different ways, and these kinds of gameplay in the very strong enterprise. For example, at the beginning of the eBay, we are laying a huge amount of SKU, using multi account mode to operate, most of the products are selling low value products. Later, with the rise of Amazon, some of the good quality of the seller to make money

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