sellers, poly powder, build a platform which poly powder and millet fans of operation is the same, let us see how precipitation of users millet.

The essence of

millet success, is to create a unique "fan culture" into the user’s demand chain, and then fit their lifestyle, realized continuous flow in the body of the user fans. This is the biggest difference with the traditional brand.

Internet era, the boundaries between people increasingly blurred. No matter where you live in the world, you can contact and interact directly through the internet. For all businesses, the Internet can be directly faced with your users.

The core problem of

marketing lies in how to build the connection between the enterprise and the user.

We see

, a pioneering practice of millet is to build virtual communities, enterprises and users closely linked to the ecological relationship between enterprises and users to build a interdependent and interactive, allowing users to become a member of the community or friends. In this virtual community, users can take to get a certain degree of satisfaction, and highlight their way of life.

so, millet community gathered a large number of fans, they are very fanatical pursuit of millet.

to build the core of the virtual community, is to stand on the user’s point of view, consider them as friends. For traditional enterprises, the business ideas to the user thinking from product thinking.

first step: retain user

retained, as its name implies, is to find ways to allow users to stay".

key to grasp these two points: one is to sort out their own original user sources; two is to find the user and the interests of the combination of enterprises, in order to allow users to enter and precipitation in the enterprise ecosystem.

delineated the origin of millet mobile phone crowd is very clear, is the mobile phone fancier. This kind of crowd has a characteristic, that is, the ability to accept new things, the pursuit of fashion, but also more sensitive to the price of smart phones. Millet mobile phone turned out, just to meet their needs. Most people’s first impression of millet phone is high configuration, low price, and therefore cost-effective.

Lei Jun believes that the core of the mobile phone is the quality, but also pay attention to reduce the user’s purchase costs. For example: the way to take the pre-sale online, reducing the user’s time and money costs.

so, millet is not only clear their own user sources, but also through the introduction of cost-effective products, making this part of the user into the company’s fans and precipitation in the community.

second step: to stimulate user activity

for retained users, companies through a series of attractive activities, so that this part of the user into a fan.

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