the basic necessities of life, since ancient times is the food in people’s daily life an indispensable, a dozen years ago, people have to worry about belly at, and since the reform and opening up, the rapid development of market economy China people, the demand for agricultural products is also showing a diversified development trend, but with this contradiction is the sale of agricultural and sideline products still remain in the decades before the development is slow, can not meet the growing needs of people. Now the Internet information flying people indoors can Amoy to some of their own love baby, online shopping has grown more mature, and for the majority of Internet users to accept. All these constitute the agricultural products will be necessary to realize the ambition in the network marketing on this road.

in domestic, the sales of agricultural products have many loopholes and problems, this is the biggest obstacle to influence the steady development of the market economy, only slowly to solve these problems, in order to bring more benefits to the society. Next, we first discuss the obvious problems in the current state of agricultural product sales.

one, the development speed of agricultural products and the speed of development of market economy derailment. In other words, the production of agricultural products has been difficult to meet the needs of people. With the seller’s market to a buyer’s market changes, people began to demand more new, organic, environmentally friendly, healthy food and agricultural products are now still maintained the old routine before the new breed is very few, or even with him; and some of the two agricultural products processing enterprises has increased, the number of agricultural products need to professional more, but most agricultural products are still common product quality, not suitable for the professional processing. This is the first major drawback of the development of agricultural products.

two, the farmers themselves, we must admit that although the Internet to promote the inflow of activities like a raging fire. Also have some effect, but that of the Internet still need a period of time, there are too many households questioned in Internet usage, or just use it for agricultural agricultural after time. However, many farmers do not contact the agricultural information, so that they do not understand the domestic agricultural products to the cultivation, just looked to their decision next door neighbours planted this idea ingrained, therefore also does great harm, resulting in consequence is much less bad, grab. At the moment the most important thing is not the popularity of the Internet in rural areas, but the spread of the Internet for the lives of farmers, in the end what is playing a vital role.

three, the middle part of the sale of agricultural products is too messy, so as to work hard to get the largest producer of less revenue, enthusiasm naturally decreased. At present, most of the sales of agricultural products are through producers, wholesalers, retailers, consumers. In this way, the original feedback from consumers can not even get the message to the producer, so that the development of the agricultural industry stagnation, how to meet the needs of consumers?

four, in the modern day, the sale of agricultural products is still limited to one to one traditional sales methods, >

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