September 6th news, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has promulgated the Interim Measures for the management of Internet advertising, and is scheduled to begin on September 1st. The "Interim Measures" clearly stipulates that those on the Internet (including WeChat, micro-blog) ads are marked "advertisement" of the word, not only the offenders will be subject to administrative penalties, will also face a maximum fine of $100 thousand.


According to the briefing,

Haidian branch, on suspicion of illegal advertisements published in the search engine, will conduct investigation on Baidu, Sogou engine and Beijing Taiwan maternity hospital, Beijing hospital, Beijing City Hospital of zhigantan. This is the first case since the implementation of the new regulations on Internet advertising illegal cases.

according to law enforcement personnel, the hospital was filed in the search engine advertising appeared in the "best" "top" absolute terms, while Baidu Sogou is because not the obligation to review the three does not have the technical qualifications of the maternal and Child Health Hospital of Shanghai appears in the search results.

it is reported that the Haidian branch of the industrial and commercial inspection unit has been suspected of illegal content of the evidence, the unit involved in the investigation. Law enforcement officials said that after the investigation will be punished in accordance with the new provisions of the enterprise. Meanwhile, the Shanghai Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau also on Baidu, Sogou and other search engines and three hospitals suspected illegal advertising investigation.

in the days before the G20 summit, Baidu CEO Robin Li said, at present, Baidu’s main source of income to rely on advertising, shortly before the medical event makes Baidu a quarter cut down the income of 2 billion yuan, Baidu’s goal is to be a great company.

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