sina science and technology news April 7th evening news, storm Technology (300431.SZ) today evening announcement that the company’s shareholders in Beijing harmonious growth investment center in April 6, 2016 holdings of 11 million shares.

announced that the Beijing harmonious growth investment center in April 6, 2016 by the Shenzhen stock exchange block trading total holdings of shares 11 million shares held by the company part of the sale of unlimited, the company’s total share capital of 4%, reducing the average price of 88.59 yuan / share. In this way, the harmonious growth of 977 million 490 thousand yuan cash.


Beijing harmonious growth investment center holdings holdings before and after the reduction, Beijing harmonious growth investment center holds 21560022 shares, the total share capital of 7.84%; after the reduction, holds 10560022 shares, accounting for 3.84% of the total share capital. Storm technology said in another announcement, does not rule out the possibility of Beijing harmonious growth investment center in the next 12 months to continue to reduce its holdings of shares in the storm technology.

harmonious growth is an important shareholder before the storm technology IPO, before the reduction of the second largest shareholder. At the beginning of the storm technology to make a commitment to the harmonious growth of the shares locked for 12 months.

March 31, 2016, the growth of shares held by the lifting of restrictions on the sale of restricted circulation. The storm technology announcement, shareholders of Beijing harmonious growth investment center intends to reduce the clearance. Harmonious growth will be in 24 months within 3 trading days after the auction, and large transactions or other lawful means, holdings of 21 million 560 thousand shares, the total capital ratio was 7.84%.

31 days after the announcement, the media crazy storm technology second, the third largest shareholder of Qingdao Jinshi has harmonious growth and exit clearance. The technology relevant responsible person responded that the company issued a harmonious growth and Qingdao Jinshi two shareholders holdings of news is in order to conform to the relevant requirements, does not mean that the two shareholders should immediately reduce. Two shareholders have clearance to market.

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