news, said the number 1 shop staff turnover is mostly middle-level managers or supervisors

[TechWeb] September 28th news reports, news sources, a large number of shop 1, employee turnover, and before the departure of the executive turnover, is below the middle of the manager or supervisor, a number of departments involved in human, No. 1 mall, group purchase and 3C.

employees said that the turnover from the development of the company after WAL-MART wholly owned, confused, and not much change business, the drainage means less money, though also made other categories, but the main super category can only increase the cost, there is no way to traffic monetization, has been losing money.

According to

, Alibaba, Jingdong, originally life, micro shop, and even the traditional supermarket stores have become the whereabouts of 1 employees.

from the second half of 2014, the founder of the 1 shop in the news just came out several times. July 2015, 1 shop founder Yu Gang, co-founder and CEO Liu mountain confirmed his resignation, WAL-MART took over the number 1 shop.

data show that in March 2008, founded the No. 1 store in just Ping and Liu Junling, 2010 to 80 million yuan price to win the 1st shop 80% stake to WAL-MART in 2012 to shop 1, increase investment, shareholding increased to about 51%, as the largest shareholder. (Zhou Xiaobai)

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