mobile internet marketing platform (www.jsfenxiao.com), is a new model of Internet marketing of China Mobile Communications Group Jiangsu branch to develop, the platform by Xinwang [Code: 600403.sh] provides Internet marketing effort to build a new train of thought for many in Jiangsu Province, many websites, mobile business rich, webmaster can be free through the mobile Internet in Jiangsu distribution platform for acquiring business promotion code of Jiangsu mobile business earn a generous commission.

The upcoming

2009.11.7 at the Nanjing University science and Technology Museum held the "09 Jiangsu conference and the Jiangsu Internet webmaster forum attracted the focus on Nanjing Xinwang Polytron Technologies Inc. The day before, through joint efforts with the organizers of Jiangsu station and Chengbanfang Yanhuang network, has reached the cost of annual meeting of the strategic partnership with Xinwang, Xinwang will provide SMS notification, business mobile business promotion and other aspects of professional services for the annual meeting, the better for the 09 Jiangsu station will provide convenience to enhance the publicity influence.

according to the latest statistics from the organizing committee, currently has nearly more than 400 webmaster successfully passed the audit, before the scheduled five hundred seats in one hundred there are many places, places not much hope, want to participate webmaster friends to register. At the same time to participate in the promotion of the site has also been a hundred, their website links or LOGO have been displayed in the annual website home page. Hot scenes can be seen this conference has gained a high popularity and influence, has exceeded the expected value of the organizing committee. I believe there will be more in the late province to participate in the promotion of the site to better promote the next annual meeting.

guests, currently has more than 70% guests to be invited to attend the confirmation, including Dai Zhikang, Cai Wensheng, Dong Qinfeng, Zhang Zhengjun, Hua Jun, Zhang He, Xia Tiantian, Cai Liwen, Guo Jijun and other grassroots players, I believe that the latter will have more number of guests is confirmed, so as to ensure the meeting the quality and value of learning let the many webmaster buxucixing. Of course, more stage or will provide the opportunity to participate in grassroots Adsense show. The committee will arrange "grassroots" show "webmaster SMS" webmaster many links, so many grassroots webmaster do well, better participate.

at the same time this year will also be the Internet association of Jiangsu Province, from the government of Jiangsu province tongguanju formed (www.jsia.org.cn) support, there will be Jiangsu province Internet association leaders attended, and common to the green civilization network, build a harmonious network into initiative, Jiangsu province to build a civilized and harmonious network environment. To promote greater development in Jiangsu province.

09 annual meeting of the Jiangsu master station: http://s.2009.jiangsuz.com

has passed the audit list: http://s.2009.jiangsu>

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