Jiayuan CEO Gong Haiyan

introduction: foreign media today published an article pointed out that in Jiayuan as the representative of the Chinese Internet enterprise, is gradually changing the traditional mode of free business, began the transition to the charging mode, mainly rely on sales of "company stamps" virtual goods revenue.

below is the full text of the article:

Chinese Internet users have become accustomed to the free Internet: free books, free music, free movies, free pictures, etc.. However, a marriage website is selling electronic love letters, in the subtle changes in the status quo.

, 34, is a computer engineer in Shaoxing, a small town in the south of China, Yuan (Nick). After the divorce, he registered an account in Jiayuan online, to meet new date. In the first few months, he received about 30 messages per day. He thinks online dating is fun".

‘IT engineer’ looks like an attractive job." He said. Most of the women in contact with him will ask about his income, and whether there is room.

Yuan Ke is a member of Jiayuan pay nearly one million users in. The emergence of this huge group, marking the Chinese Internet is changing: Internet Co began to obtain revenue through user fees, rather than rely heavily on highly competitive traditional advertising business.

Jiayuan mainly through the sale of electronic stamp revenue. The unit price is 2 yuan. As a small company, Jiayuan the market value of only about $400 million, but its development is very rapid, second quarter revenue grew more than doubled, reaching $12 million 900 thousand, profits have similar growth. The company’s share price has risen by 21% since May 11th. In contrast, the U.S. stock market of Chinese technology stocks generally fell.

with the continuous development of China’s Internet advertising market, more and more sites to join the competition, the limited number of advertisers to snatch resources. China Internet data center data show that in 2010 the total size of China’s Internet advertising market was $4 billion, while the U.S. market for $26 billion. In the "go" situation, some enterprises began to transition to the charging mode.

, a Baidu based search ad, is investing heavily in online travel and hopes to profit from premium digital music services. Some smaller companies are also exploring the pay model. Youku is testing HD movies and video education paid services, revenue from membership fees, rice sales of virtual goods and content authorization.

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