recently often heard friends say, "the Internet has become a traditional industry, intense competition, no business opportunity to switch to new industries." Listen to friends, I often reflect on the Internet really into the blue ocean? Should we turn to new emerging industries?

      think carefully, I do not think the Internet really into the Red Sea, there are many opportunities for the Internet, the Internet is still blue ocean, my analysis is as follows:

      Wang hero point one: the high rate of Internet revenue, competition is not sufficient.

      Internet from the 97 year scale in China, after the 2001 bubble, until 2003 the real income, and can feed themselves, really can be called the industry actually only 4 years. Now the competition is not sufficient, some listed companies China 2007 two quarter financial results, the Internet Co’s profit rate is very high, the highest if the Tencent, a staggering 73% of the net profit. Several other profit margins are more than 30%. And traditional industry gross profit margin of a few percent, is the absolute blue ocean.

      Wang hero two: from the perspective of Internet users, the Internet is also a great place to dig.

      Internet from 1997 62 to January 2007 137 million people all Internet users increased by 200 times, and the most important is the trend would continue. Of course, in addition to the increase in the number of Internet users, there are a lot of primary users will become senior Internet users. Primary users may use only a small part of the Internet function, and advanced users will use more features, will be able to generate more additional value.

      the king of heroes three: view from the application perspective, the Internet also has not exhausted its commercial value.

      Internet from the application point of view, many industries have no more to do, such as portals and instant messaging gateway by the several oligopoly, I believe that no one wants to do a Sina or a Sohu now. Because this is not possible, several major portals in the way, make a new hard. But I don’t think the Internet is not accessible. Where is the commercial value? I think at least in the United States, such as the real social relations Facebook China has not dug well, and the reason may be the domestic Internet users penetration rate is not high and the specific circumstances of the country. There are some segments of the industry, and did not fully tap, which may be related to the actual situation of these industries.

      Wang hero view four: the application of new technologies will be re occupied

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