although the unicorn rise, although the user frequent migration, 2015 social media platform is still exhausted in user growth and commercial realization of a try, and then they arrived in 2016 for what will be a year? They conspired to measure how to play




October 2015 WeChat team announced the WeChat white paper in 2015, WeChat’s past, present and future interpretation.

in September 2015, the average daily landing users reached 570 million WeChat, WeChat is also growing in the social field. In the composition of the user’s age, 15 to 29 year old WeChat users accounted for up to 60%.


WeChat team has interpreted as a way of life, occupy people’s social, shopping, games, reading, entertainment, sports management and other aspects, there is no doubt that WeChat in 2015, more than any other social platforms are more complex, and gradually formed a closed loop.

but one of the two sides, the WeChat team gives a very attractive data growth, but does not cover this song before going on the WeChat aircraft carrier will encounter an iceberg. Micro business is still no improvement, and the media’s most valued WeChat public numbers also went to the end of the growth of the bonus fans. Although the 2015 WeChat public platform to increase the original protection, but the value of the media on the WeChat platform is gradually being diluted.

and WeChat’s advertising value is controversial, on the one hand, WeChat circle of friends advertising value pursuit, on the other hand, that WeChat also repeat the micro-blog commercial can be heard without end in the old voice. But no matter how, WeChat team for so long, the accumulation of such a wide range of users, commercial realization of the road will continue.

in 2016, WeChat may not be so good. The user age stratified test fatigue, user data mining is not sufficient, QQ subscription number will become WeChat in 2016 will face challenges. But huge user resources and attention resources WeChat does not like a lot of articles that will fall in 2016, WeChat will be more mining above the plough in community economy, big data, after all the user resources is the first value of WeChat, how to explore how to cultivate the user’s habits will become the focus of the 2016 WeChat need careful consideration.


micro-blog as the largest social public information dissemination platform, in 2015 micro-blog’s monthly active users exceeded 212 million, mobile end users of 86%. Micro-blog produces 100 thousand articles a day, thousands of videos, photos of 21 million.

in fact, as early as in 2014, micro-blog has begun to profit, and profit is still maintained a healthy growth, in 2015 Q3 reported its advertising revenue for the first time exceeded $100 million mark. According to mobile Internet

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