if the two website not only close to the domain name, name and approximate, basic framework, and even part of the forum forum set are very similar, you will not be so wrong? The largest community website — one of the 19 floor space would encounter such "website copy" event. In November 25th, the Zhejiang Provincial Higher People’s court in this case in the Internet community wide concern of the network domain name infringement cases were final verdict: 19 operators of floor space will win media network Li Gui, must stop the infringement, cancel the domain name, and compensation for economic losses of more than 6 yuan.

19lou.com was founded in 2001 by the city express, due to the office in the Hangzhou daily building, 19 floor, named the 19 floor space, has used the domain name 19floor.net. After 7 years of development, has developed into a registered user of 2 million 200 thousand, the average daily posting of large community sites 350 thousand. The "www.19floor.com" as the domain name "19 floor forum", it is in the second half of 2005, only appeared on the Internet, the current daily posting around 5000. It appears to some of the 19 floor of the net friend has brought great trouble – often touch the wrong door, do not log on, but also thought he forgot the password, tossing a long time before it was found to be in the wrong place.

June 2007, the media almost to the Hangzhou intermediate people’s court filed a lawsuit against Wang operating, the use of the site 19 floor forum infringement, requesting the court to order the defendant to stop infringement, infringement and compensate the plaintiff’s cancellation of domain name, the corresponding economic loss. June 2008, the Hangzhou City Intermediate People’s court in accordance with the law Wang canceled www.19floor.com, and compensation for economic losses and legal costs to the plaintiff 60 thousand yuan. Subsequently, Wang filed an appeal.

Zhejiang province high court verdict found that Wang violation of the principle of honesty and credit, and use fast media prior registration and enjoys the well-known 19floor.net domain name is similar to the domain name, and the columns and page layout is similar, there are deliberate confusion, sufficient to cause the relevant public to took the two domain names and the corresponding website in fact, his behavior constituted unfair competition.

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