yesterday, the Ministry of culture website released the third batch of 100 illegal network music list, and said that before September 15th this year, the website should immediately carry out self-examination, found their own website to provide the first batch of three listed and without network music products censorship or filing, shall immediately delete.

this year in January and in March, the Ministry of culture of the two batch of a total of 200 without content review or record of online music products were announced. Up to now, there are still part of the site did not comply with the requirements of the notice of violation of music products to clean up. Yesterday, the Ministry of culture of the time not to delete the bottom line, before September 15th, will be dealt with according to law on these sites.

at the same time, the Ministry of culture, the third batch of illegal online music cleanup list, a total of 100 online music products were not reported in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Ministry of culture for content review or filing. Specific song list can be found in the official website of the Ministry of culture.

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