we expect in the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays, many consumers will buy a new intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer, they enjoy the new equipment to bring the fun, they could have access to many digital entertainment website.

the digital entertainment website will bring a lot of music, video and podcast content to us, and these websites will add social features, allowing users and other users to communicate the same hobby.

we looked at a number of digital entertainment web companies, and we thought it was a good time to watch them. Now let’s see if they are successful in delivering content on 3 screens (computers, smartphones and tablets).

in the test, the computer we use IE9 browser, smart phones using iPhone 4, tablet PCs, we use the iPad 2.

first, the most important is the page loading speed

we believe that in the smart phone, the response time of the page should be less than 5 seconds. In the actual test, only Spotify and rdio can meet this requirement. The response time of Project Playlist actually reached a staggering 36.4 seconds!


on the desktop, the usual response time of the page is 2-3 seconds, it is strange that the average load time on the desktop Spotify 9.62 seconds. It seems that there are still a long way to go in these areas.

we decided to carefully test the SoundCloud, because the site in the development of smart phone web pages for other companies to make a good example. Overall, through the test we found that the SoundCloud for smart phone screen made a special optimization, and the optimization of the 3G network is not enough. Let’s make a concrete analysis of its performance.

SoundCloud smart phone page to do a little better, that is, they use data URL to load the picture element. Data URL will be in the picture of the page element directly added to the HTML, these images do not need to visit the extra HTTP address. This allows the device to be able to display all the elements of the page through a single download, can play a role in saving traffic, speed up the response speed.

another SoundCloud technology can be used to refer to the CSS wizard page image application processing. This technology can be integrated into a large number of small images into a large picture, and use the CSS rules to determine the specific location of the picture display. CSS sprites slightly more than data URL >

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