April 22nd, the second session of the National People’s Congress produced video Sohu will be held in Beijing conference, Sohu, the "I was produced by Sohu, I use video to tell you" video from the media platform strategy and huge investment plan as the theme.

Sohu video agent Zhang Zhaoyang CEO said Sohu video will vigorously promote the strategic development of the media PGC. Sohu video from the media platform is also a comprehensive plan to start the gold medal. Approved by the platform for the gold producer, will be the promotion of Sohu video resources, joint production, to enhance the proportion of 1.5 times and equity cooperation. Sohu video announced that in 2016 will launch 1 billion gold for the launch of the resources to promote the resources, the support of the cash and advertising resources of 500 million to support the input of resources planning more than $1 billion 600 million 100 million.

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