the development of the Internet has revolutionized the traditional business model, live online only you can not think, no you can not do. Looking back on the upcoming 2008, and looking forward to the infinite possibilities of the year 2009, Internet practitioners need to be more extensive exchanges. It can be said that in December 28, 2008 held the third session of the Xuzhou Internet industry conference is to provide such a platform in an attempt to make people have a dream more clearly see their dreams and dreams to outline.

Xuzhou Internet Conference also Huaihai Economic Zone before the stationmaster Congress, has been successfully held two sessions, the conference theme is "concerned about the development of personal webmaster, through the Internet" winter, scheduled in December 28, 2008 at noon Sunday 13:00 to 20:00, located in the XuZhou Railway Station opposite the Home Inn (formerly Xuzhou Railway Hotel).

compared with the previous two Internet Conference, the conference organizers more powerful, covering a wide range of information. Sponsored by the Internet Society of Xuzhou, Hangzhou Detian information technology limited company, Xuzhou network of excellence, Xuzhou Feng Technology Co. Ltd., Tencent caifutong co organizer with Adsense nets, Xuzhou recruitment nets, Xuzhou enterprises win network marketing planning. China appliance network, Xuzhou country god science and technology limited company, Xuzhou celebrity Network Technology Co. Ltd. is the main sponsor, Chinese online. In addition to the traditional TV, radio and newspaper media, the general assembly of the network to support the media lineup is also very strong, bringing together the network, such as webmaster, Tencent, Xuzhou, as well as local well-known network media.

number of participants, the conference brought together the Internet industry unprecedented scale, many elites in Pengcheng and Xuzhou on the road, a hundred large website tracking reports, this is a major highlight of the Xuzhou Internet conference. The organizers invited 265 former president Cai Wensheng, PHPWIND, Pang Dongsheng Wang set software, Zhang crane, sky Admin5, graph king wide in Guo Jijun with the participants owners to carry out extensive exchanges, and jointly create a career high point. The general assembly for a period of one day, all the participants of the organizers will be giving gifts and coupons, and collect the name card to facilitate contact and cooperation, is arranged in the middle part of the draw, near the end of meeting arranged dinner gala. Specific agenda can refer to the website (

registration mainly adopts on-line registration ( Tid=70), can be added to the official QQ group 9516886 or 7298961 online to the staff consultation, or call 0516-87665544 and 13912011111 details. The conference is free, and also supports the day of the meeting site registration, welcome IT stakeholders, Internet entrepreneurs, personal webmaster, network company CEO, phase

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