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Chinese has crossed the ICP license it Kaner, but they soon encountered new problems. According to China Daily reported that Google China in mainland China AdWords agency network world media Limited (Universal Internet Media) and Xi’an China Network Limited (Xi’an Weihua Network) has been canceled with Google’s cooperation, the two are in eastern China and Northwest’s largest advertising agency, which also makes the decline in the number of authorized agent AdWords 23.

left the two advertising agencies for Google China brought most of the advertising revenue, because Google China itself can not attract enough advertisers like Baidu.

The departure of

‘s two companies may be a trend, and if they succeed in working with other companies, there will be other advertisers seeking their way out of Google china. But Google China authorized Interactive advertising agency Zoom manager Cheng Yu (Yu Cheng), said they would continue to work with Google China, Beijing.

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Title: two important AdWords agents cancel cooperation with Google China


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