once let Google Corporation dominate the network of rivers and lakes, bring billions of dollars in the market value of the pay per click advertising business model (i.e., each time a user clicks on the Google network advertising, advertisers will need to pay a fee to Google), get bogged down in the Google Corporation of "good faith" disturbance, and therefore become a defendant in china.

because of the Google Corporation to provide for whether the keyword clicks charging right to doubt, Zhejiang province and Ningbo high magnetoelectric Co. Ltd and Google Corporation (the world’s largest search engine Google) playing a lawsuit.

recently, the Ningbo intermediate people’s court has accepted the case. Another defendant in the case was Google Ireland Ltd.

search engine integrity test

it is understood that the company and the company’s high school students on the heart of the question is: from May 17, 2007 to February 26, 2008 and the high number of clicks generated by the use of keywords. Statistical data provided by the Google Corporation for the 3324 time, but with the high company with the Chinese webmaster website traffic statistics software, click only 1510 times, the difference between the two.

in fact, a few years ago, the United States in the United States had suffered click fraud lawsuit. In early 2006, Google advertisers a gift company in the United States, Arkansas court will Google to court, saying that due to false clicks and to pay more than Google advertising. In the end, Google agreed to compensate $90 million, reconciliation of all third party fraud triggered by a class action lawsuit.

was then the industry insiders predict, perhaps soon many of China’s small and medium enterprises will also pick up the legal weapons, Google to discuss a statement. Now the prophecy is a reality.

in the face of lawsuit, Google Corporation said publicly that has always been to customers and advertisers and partners interests in the first place, and the company has also established a specific regulatory authorities to protect the interests of customers from the infringement of false hits.

but the official wording did not allow the "God" who relieved. A Google into advertising for up to two years of a pharmaceutical company who told reporters that the company will always pay attention to and with the Google case, because he has already provided on the Google number of clicks has been questioned, but also have mastered certain evidence, if the company’s demands and high legal support, he also consider the legal way to go.

can also predict that more than one person with the same idea.

is honesty and self-discipline of commercial interests

click fraud lawsuit from Baidu’s "PPC" storm to Google, the search engine business although extremely successful, but its integrity suffered a great crisis of confidence, "mercenary" has become a lot of customers even ordinary users of this kind of operation.

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