Recently, a series of security problems in

domain name resolution occurred frequently, the most popular is the "Baidu is black" event. As the old analytical DNSPod, keep an eye on the safety analysis, DNSPod developed a special domain locking function is to prevent some of the DNSPod account password leak, or domain name registration information is to be retrieved, black domain name

!The following is the detailed introduction of the

from the DNSPod blog:

need to remind you that we still have confidence in you registered in the DNSPod mailbox, so the domain name needs to unlock unlock code will be sent to your registered email address, in order to parse your safety, please keep your mailbox password.

Domain Lock status can be seen on our new panel: (unlocked), (locked) such a small icon.



click on the small icon or lock the domain name on the right to lock, you will come to a set lock time page



cursor to set the time you need to lock the lock, and now the longest free domain name can be locked for 3 days, VIP domain name can be locked up to a maximum of 15 days, after which we will gradually open a longer lock time for VIP.

set a good time, click the lock button, the domain name immediately locked, unlock code sent to you in the DNSPod of the registered mailbox, please ensure that your mailbox can receive DNSPod mail.

need to remind you again, pay attention to keep your registered mailbox in DNSPod.


domain name does not accept any changes to the user during lock up until the lock expires automatically unlocked or manually lifted using the unlock code (DNSPod).

manual locking method and lock the same, click on the small icon or the right of the "unlock" button to unlock the page, enter the correct unlock code and then click unlock to unlock.


if you need to extend the lock, click on the "extended time", the extension of time, will re send a new unlock code, the original unlock code failure.


DNSpod also has other features as follows:

domain name alias binding function on-line

if you have more than one domain name with the same record, in the previous words, the domain name and domain name is not related, so modify the domain name of the record can only be manually modified. In order to facilitate everyone, we developed the domain name binding function, the domain name binding to the main domain >

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