at the end of last year, a well-known portal site suffered hacker attacks, resulting in the paralysis of the entire web hosting in Beijing, Tianjin, Ji’nan, Guangzhou room of the server, causing economic losses of 190 thousand yuan, millions of Internet users browse the site affected. Yesterday, Beijing police announced that, after 40 days of investigation, the assistance of the police in Dalian, successfully cracked the case, two hackers arrested in Dalian.

in December 4th last year, the site received a "special requirements", a netizen number of the site to ask for Geely or easy to remember "ID liang". The request was rejected by the web site. Then, a network called "catch mad" hackers from the portal hosted in Beijing, Tianjin and other places of the server launched a massive attack, causing economic losses of 190 thousand yuan, about more than 100 users affected. The site immediately alarm.

received a report, the Beijing police immediately formed a task force to investigate. With the assistance of the police in Dalian, the police quickly identified the real identity of the hacker. The hacker is Liaoning City, Dalian, named Zhang Bo, only 23 years old.

at the same time, the panel found that Zhang Bo had a friend called Wang Dongbo, Anshan City, Liaoning Province, the net is called "small shrimp". Police locked, two people often in the vicinity of Bayi Road, Dalian, or Internet cafes. January 16th afternoon, the police task force in Dalian City, Zhang Bo’s temporary residence and arrested him, and seized for hacking computer. A few hours later, Zhang Bo’s friend Wang Dongbo also arrested. At the same time, another way for evidence of the police will be two suspects in a room rented 12 servers were seized.

Zhang Bo account, he used personal computers in the remote login hosted in a computer room server, and then use the attack command software controlled hundreds of computers to attack the target server.

police told reporters that Zhang Bo was used to control the attack of the computer was known as the chicken". Hackers can remotely control these computers on the Internet through the Trojans and issued instructions to attack the computer or server to attack, so that it crashes or paralysis.

at present, the two suspects on suspicion of destruction of computer system information security criminal detention.

– Police tip

police remind users, once the personal computer Trojan became a chicken, not only the storage of personal information will be leaked, hackers will be manipulated to become a tool to attack other computers or servers. Users should allow the operating system to keep update, ensure high security settings, and not to download files from unknown sources, pornography, gambling and other small to avoid the login website; alert to strangers to the mail, do not open or delete directly is the most sensible choice; in addition, users should install genuine anti-virus software and a firewall, and update the virus database.

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