August 28th news: Recently, ShopEx will jointly Chinese, visual ideal, DoNews, TechWeb, blue Admin5, ChinaZ jointly organized the "2008 art design contest search template". The contest for all domestic web designers, solicitation for the company’s recent introduction of ShopEx_SingleV4.8 ShopEx template creative design works.

        the contest will last for 4 months, the spirit of innovation and design inspiration to inspire designers, to create the perfect shop template, and make people understand the attention ShopEx ShopEx and its products. Competition is set up a value of up to 100 thousand yuan award, as a reward for outstanding designers.

is reported that the preliminary contest is scheduled to start in September 1st, announced the final results in January 9th. All entries after the official audit, online voting and expert assessment of three stages, outstanding works will eventually win by ShopEx company, a one-time buyout copyright, and for ShopEx users.

ShopEx_SingleV4.8 is a ShopEx e-commerce platform in the company to create a safe, stable and fusion of humanity, and many other elements of the system. At present, many users have used this version, and has been well received.

unlimited creativity, imagination unlimited, ShopEx, vision of China, blue dream jointly organized by the event will provide hundreds of thousands of Chinese web designers to showcase their opportunities! Talent cannot be wasted, stars will shine, "2008 art search template design contest" looking forward to your participation!

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