in the 2012 annual Top 10 list of two-dimensional code, the top 10 in the four dimensional code (fourth, fifth, seventh, tenth) after the user is scanning guidance to member registration / login page. In addition to ranking outstanding, but also from Japan, and have a mobile version of the page, and click through rate is also very good (more than 95%). Basically these companies have:

* clearly to scan two-dimensional code.

* provides sufficient incentive.

will have such a high click through rate.

ranked 10: veteran companies absorb new members

scan number: 9921

click rate: 95.01%

Publisher: World Co., Ltd. (Japan)

purpose / role: Member registration / login

observation: tenth into the list of two-dimensional code from World Co., Ltd., is a company with a history of over 53 years, there are nearly a hundred different clothing brands. And the list of bar code is to allow consumers to login to World Premium shortcut to Club members, in addition to the consumer awarding points, there are many discount. See so many stores can be used in the brand’s sake, of course is to join


ranked 9:Google search power

scan number: 9987

click rate: 29.00%

Publisher: personal blog (USA)

purpose / role: blog web connection

observation: the ninth dimensional code came unexpectedly from a personal blog called watt. This is not only high scanning times you will feel strange, Watt I also feel things are strange and conducted a survey. It turned out that a long time operating blog in 2007, after the first exposure to the two-dimensional code made a blog post. Not knowing his two-dimensional code that is Google in Image Search (Google image search) is among the best in the two-dimensional code search results (second), then evolved into the world for the two-dimensional code also unsuspectingly user downloads and applied to other sites or the goods.


blog will connect to watts of the two-dimensional code scanning, so when more people misuse his two-dimensional code search ranking is high, make a hair get out of hand. More fun is that Watt will receive a two-dimensional code on the Gesanchaiwu "customer service letter", hope Watt can help users change the two-dimensional code connection. Of course, the bar code file can not be changed after the production, so we can not casually

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