August 13th, the world’s leading e-commerce service provider Alibaba (HK.01688) released the interim results report in 2009. Alibaba reported that the strong new paid member driven, total operating income of 1 billion 715 million yuan. Among them, the Chinese supplier membership doubled to 70453, the integrity of the membership grew by 36%, members reached 441799.

due to a significant increase in membership fee, deferred income and customer accounts receivable strong growth, reached 2 billion 719 million yuan. In addition, Alibaba’s balance sheet is strong, cash reserves reached 7 billion 101 million yuan, and no debt. In addition, Alibaba also announced a total amount of up to 1 billion, the largest in the history of the Internet industry stock dividend program.

Alibaba into the 7 countries in Asia and Europe

let the market is more concerned about the overseas expansion of Alibaba plans are increasingly clear. The Alibaba will gradually expand the overseas market, as of the end of June 2009, Alibaba has been in many countries identify strategic partners or channel distributors, and signed a cooperation relationship, these countries including India, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam and Turkey.

earnings report, in addition to the United States, India has become the largest overseas market Alibaba, more than 1 million registered users. In addition, Europe (in addition to foreign) registered members of more than 920 thousand, more than 450 thousand in the UK, Indonesia close to 250 thousand.

Alibaba CEO Wei Zhe said that China is a huge business opportunities beyond the long-term development of the business of Alibaba, Alibaba will continue to identify the potential for the development of future growth potential of countries and regions.

in fact, Alibaba’s overseas expansion has the victory. The number of registered users in India Alibaba has exceeded 1 million in the local business to enter the new mileage. At present, the Alibaba’s international market every day attracted more than small and medium sized enterprises in India registered 4 million, the number of members from about 500 thousand in May 2008 an increase to about 1000000 at the end of May 2009, in the year doubled.

at present, India small and medium enterprises accounted for 12% of the total number of registered users of the international trade market of Alibaba, which makes India the United States after the Alibaba as the world’s top Second International market.

in addition, in the Japanese market, Alibaba and Alibaba of Japan Softbank venture, just a year’s time has become Japan’s largest e-commerce service providers, the website has more than 120 thousand members, including Japanese buyers accounted for nearly 40%, 1 million 400 thousand product number, the website visit quantity 100 thousand times, another Japanese station every day the feedback of nearly 4000 business opportunities.

from the beginning of the 09 quarter of, Alibaba, Japan began charging, China’s supply of business has been through the Sino Japanese pass, the use of the Japanese web site to open up the channel of Japan, exports to japan. At the same time, the supply of Japan

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