website promotion is a topic of discussion about the webmaster friends. Often in the website to a certain period, there will be a bottleneck. This time, we have to take corresponding countermeasures.

website promotion bottleneck mainly in

1, website promotion method has certain pertinence. Compared with the blindness of the initial stage of the website, as a result of a variety of Web site promotion methods, and achieved certain results, so in the further promotion is often more targeted.

2, website promotion method changes. Compared with the early release of the site, the site needs to achieve the promotion of the growth of originality to achieve targeted results.

3, web site traffic increased, site traffic statistical analysis tools index can be obtained by statistical analysis can be found that website promotion methods on the growth of traffic is more significant on site visits, which may be a problem, you can also see more valuable information.

4, the site will be promoted by the user to the user recognition of cognitive change. Web site to promote the initial release of a certain number of new users. If the user must be the value of the website, will visit the site in order to continue to receive information and service, so at this stage, both the new user and repeat visitors, website promotion needs to take into account the different characteristics of two kinds of users.

so, we should take corresponding countermeasures, so that we can be targeted to improve the efficiency of the extension, break the bottleneck, so as to make our work to a better level.

website promotion is a long-term process, the need for continuous efforts, so as to be successful.

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