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brand? We will think about milk, Yili and Mengniu, everyone will think about instant noodles master and Baixiang, everyone will think about mobile phone apple and Samsung etc.. Maybe some friends think the brand for a node of large enterprises, we have these small businesses or individuals do not need what brand, below, Shao Lianhu combined with the importance of their views and talk about the brand, and how to create their own brand in the network.

no brand, you never just a nobody

let’s say, when you go to the supermarket to buy milk, you can buy Yili and Mengniu will buy other miscellaneous version of milk? The answer is of course Yili and Mengniu, of course also have bought other brand-name, mostly the elderly, or sell the boss will buy the high technology. However, for today’s society is so keen on the brand effect of the times, most people will still buy brand-name. This can explain how important the brand is, has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. How, like those brand-name milk others know do not know how to buy? So, brands can not only make good product sales, can let the world in mind.

brand is not size, but the effect is as useful as


Shao Lianhu in 2005 began to study and others to do business, put off stall, open a shop, always thought that some people buy and sell things called business, just know that is so naive. I think a lot of people must be the same as I think that I can sell things. I believe we should have a lot of places to live in the supermarket, a lot of people are in love with a supermarket to buy things, their shops are not the same, this is their brand name. A supermarket business is good, that is, his brand has been played out. Of course, they do not rely on the name brand out there are some other factors. Therefore, we generally buy daily necessities which are said which supermarket, which barber barber shop on which. Compared to Yili and Mengniu, a small supermarket is negligible, but they also have their own brand. Therefore, the brand is everyone can have the right.

individuals should also have their own brand

I in the network business is done and selling toys. We should have seen a lot of network companies on the Internet, they also have a personal, so that only the network company is only their brand. If I say I just do Shao Lianhu in the network, others make a website also want to do a website and lost my contact do? If he knew I was even the tiger network technology requires only the words in Baidu search to find my site. Moreover, the more I do the site, the better the name, the better the brand for me. For the long-term development of the network, the brand is not done. Some people even said the real name, but don’t you sincerely treat others and customers, how can we trust you?

how to build their own brand in the network

whether you are selling clothes or selling mobile phones, or

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