November 2010, "fourth Chinese electronic financial development conference and China electronic finance ten year review and exhibition held in Beijing, the annual meeting’s theme is" green revitalization and sustainable development after the financial crisis". The following is the China Electronic Commerce Research Center for the Ministry of commerce information secretary Li Jinqi speech.

Li Jinqi: according to statistics, in 2009 the Ministry of Commerce China e-commerce transactions amounted to 3 trillion and 830 billion yuan, an increase of 21.7%, online shopping transactions reached 258 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 101.8%, accounting for the same year, the total retail sales of social consumption in 2.06%, as a government department in charge of foreign trade and international economic cooperation, the Ministry of Commerce has always attached great importance to promoting the operation with the development of electronic commerce, through the coordination of the relevant departments in the development of e-commerce environment, and promote the application of e-commerce, e-commerce and other aspects of strengthening international communication has made positive efforts to carry out the following work:

first, create a good environment for the development of e-commerce.

Ministry of Commerce promulgated the guidance document, guidance on online transactions, opinions on promoting the development of electronic commerce standard on speeding up the development of e-commerce and the circulation of the opinions on promoting the healthy development of online shopping guidance policy, and was drafted on the third party e-commerce service platform specification on behavior to promote the healthy and orderly development of electronic commerce. From the beginning of 2003, the Ministry of Commerce released four times of electronic business report, publicity and application of typical cases of electronic commerce, and actively carry out the training of e-commerce, improve enterprise e-commerce awareness, improve the environment for the development of e-commerce business has played a positive role, and achieved good social repercussions.

two, actively promote the use of e-commerce enterprises to better use e-commerce to open up the international market.


under the Ministry of Commerce Center since May 2008, with Fujian, Tianjin, Qingdao and other provinces and local governments at all levels of cooperation in the establishment of 7 national e-commerce application platform, radiation, covering 16 provinces, 26 counties and districts, the platform of government, resource sharing, professional services, enterprise benefit mode the whole process, to provide services for the enterprises, not only reduces the cost, expand the sales channels, but also to avoid the repeated investment of information construction.

three, to encourage the development of a good city to create a national e-commerce model city.

in September 2009, the Ministry of Commerce and the national development and Reform Commission jointly approved the creation of China’s first e-commerce demonstration city, and promote the effect of the current, the Ministry of Commerce and the national development and Reform Commission is studying the development of guidance on carrying out the work to create a national e-commerce model city.

four, to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation in e-commerce.

On behalf of China, the Ministry of Commerce of the

takes an active part in the electronic commerce in the international organizations such as the United Nations Conference on China World Trade Center, APEC, the Shanghai cooperation organization and so on

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