recently, the rural electricity supplier platform Amoy affordable "announced from amoebic capital lead investor, Huarui Zhifu, Kai Fu capital, CITIC Capital, capital, flying pigs to Mr. Wang Yawei and Mr. Li Qi (Alibaba group COO) and many other institutions and individuals jointly invested over 300 million yuan A round of financing.

in 36 krypton in December last year reported in Amoy affordable already mentioned, the staff revealed that it has received $300 million financing, the company CEO Chen Wei said in addition to Hua Rui interconnection, and Amoeba Kai Fu capital, the latter will have two investors with investment. It is understood krypton 36, Amoy affordable next round of financing has also begun.

since 2015, Jingdong launched a county service center and the Jingdong to help service shop two modes, Alibaba have also launched the road of integration of resources, roads, road brand platform of three modes.

and Amoy affordable is taking the "ecological county self" model, through the cooperation of each partner in the county and local, through infiltration to the County Rural three electricity supplier chain, on the one hand, connecting the village shops through the Internet, the formation of the online platform, the next line of the chain; through the electronic shelf extension of the rural business scope and category of goods shop; through the county as the center, the series village shops set distribution of goods and services, establish sales network in rural areas. On the other hand, for the agricultural "going out", Amoy affordable established a county agricultural products supply and purchase a cross platform, hope that local characteristics of agricultural products in rural areas between different convection.

the company said its outlets have covered more than and 160 counties, more than 8 thousand villages, the monthly turnover exceeded $1 billion.

to Amoy affordable shared economy mode, looking for local business partners in the region in resources, providing online trading platform and operation method for the partner, take advantage of the rural social forces into the decentralized rural market. Moreover, they are the first county partner among the entrepreneurs, these people in the county economy which originally had a sufficient right to speak. And Taobao, Jingdong, Suning, rush Street practices are different, these are called "dream partner", with neither the Commission nor the rebate, but the option.

According to Chen Wei

, this will not only raise funds for the expansion of the Amoy affordable rural network, will increase in the rural county to the village of logistics capacity building, still by sharing the economic model, the use of existing transportation resources in rural areas, and the reasonable optimization through the allocation of resources, and constantly improve the logistics and local logistics service platform service providers to complete the training of rural logistics last mile, and gradually extended to the Amoy affordable mode in rural areas across the country.

co-founder and CEO Chen Wei has 12 years experience in electricity providers, former general manager of Alibaba. Co founder Sun Wei, 05 years of entrepreneurship, has founded or invested in a number of retail, Service >

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