users search for the performance of the results of the spring image

March 2nd news, Baidu recently launched an investigation of the rare Box Computing application, only need to submit to the search box shape and structure description, can be directly retrieved from the word pronunciation and accurate annotation.

It is reported that

, this technique is called semantic search, search engines work no longer adhere to the literal request user input statement itself, but look through the phenomenon of nature, accurately capture user input to the true intentions behind the statement, and in order to search, to more accurately return to the user with the most needs search results.

as a user entered in the search box, remove the word child, well versed in the semantic search engine can determine that the user wants to find not contain "Meng", "get rid of" the word content, but to find the word "and" related content;

also, when a user searches for "picture of spring", the search engine will be showing a variety of spring and related pictures to them, rather than whether the picture header contains a "spring".

insiders, the essence of semantic search is Natural Language Processing, which is Baidu since the launch of Box Computing concept has been the focus of investment in research and development, as early as last year, Baidu has worked with Harbin University in the field of very authority to establish a joint laboratory research on natural language technology.

analysts pointed out that this application appears to be simple, in fact, is a sign of the Baidu Box Computing has broken through the traditional matching for full text retrieval, semantic into more precise, intelligent and personalized search era.

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