ad September 3, 2007, destined to be remembered. Especially in the Waigaoqiao IDC server business, will not forget. Early in the morning with a good site on the weekend to check the program ready to carefully check again on Monday, which is responsible for their own is also responsible for the customer. Just finished the work. Suddenly a burst of phone calls, the original is the Shanghai DX, and said that it was too late to send a fax, telephone call at 3 p.m.. I think, it should be said last week, XX department to check here. What did not feel strange, several security personnel and is said to be the vice president of DX, what I remember most of the sentence is "I know you are no more than 95% ISP cards, but we do this business should have, this time we do not pursue, is now strictly investigate harmful information". This sentence let us especially appreciate. An hour later, at 4:30 on the afternoon of September 3rd, the meeting was over, and the bad luck began. When I got home at 5 o’clock, I suddenly got a phone call from the company saying that the cabinet was sealed off. At that time the feeling is to stop thinking. A few minutes later to the DX sales director phone, the result is, I really do not know, I quickly went to ask, a few minutes later received a phone call, said he did not know. Then I call to the customer service, they said they received notice of leadership, stopped, because there is no ISP card. I said I did not receive the fax and how the customer account, the customer service said at once, I immediately sent to you, so that I received notification of downtime, but customers have scolded me that I pour dog’s blood on, no advance notice, I know all the explanations are so weak, this time what I can do requirements, failed.

        7 in the evening, QQ quietly climbed up, ask peers, "brother, you are off Waigaoqiao server", "no"". This time I was still self reproach, I think it should be my negligence, if you do a few cards may not have this problem. 2 hours later, my friend sent a message over 8 cabinet I have been closed, the reason is not the ISP card, said previously found harmful information, now suspect hasn’t cleared, the specific opening time please wait for notice. It is arbitrary, it is easy to find a pretext, I finally know that.

        second days, September 4th, in the morning to negotiate, I saw the announcement on the DX website. IDC business is closed under the custody of enterprise customers can contact them directly, issued a letter of commitment can be opened. But only managed enterprise users, individual. What this is, this is a blatant poaching, damage to the IDC’s interest, of course, how can he take care of your interests, then, more funny scene. I propose to withdraw all servers from the Waigaoqiao room, pay the money in time, several cabinet, 3. 5 months, tens of thousands of 10 do not. Just ask for the server

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