the Internet into the commercial operation of the market of more than and 20 years, industrial environment and industrial chain have undergone tremendous changes. In the upcoming era of big data, the industry chain of the Internet industry will also be a major change in the reorganization.

in recent years, the network industry has experienced a series of profound changes, called "the separation of". In the network industry in the early stage, the typical mode of operation is the development of a network, a website, which contains a number of products and services, the company’s server connected to a network terminal of a user service through the network line, the resulting network data to the company formed a unique, single fixed closed loop. But today, this model has been difficult to deal with the development of the industry. A company’s network products and services, may not only operate through their own websites, but also can be used as a third party application in other companies operating on the open platform, the formation of the site and product separation. With the use of multiple network terminals and cloud computing as a fashion, there is a separation between the product and the terminal. With the rise of WEB2.0 mode, the production and dissemination of information and the promotion of products and services rely more on the interaction between users. All kinds of separation trends have brought great challenges to the operation of Internet companies. In the face of N × products; N platform × N terminal × large service matrix N user relationship, according to the old rules is bound to exacerbate the unstructured data network, the relationship and fragmentation. A company in the operation of only one or a few points can not achieve a comprehensive market revenue, everywhere and great consumption, resource allocation is not enough. Therefore, we must find a way to be able to transition from a simple isolated operating environment in the past to the complex interaction of the industrial ecosystem. Perhaps, "upside down, from the data rather than end end products began a round of strategic thinking and positioning is a worthwhile way.

from the perspective of big data, the entire network industry is bound to restructure. The upstream industry is a group to master the big data standard, entrance, collection and integration process of the company, they are stored in large data, based on the analysis of the use and the introduction of personalized, precise, intelligent mechanism, cross site, cross product, cross terminal, cross platform, people and people, people and things and realize the efficient matching and matching between objects, so as to establish a new business model. The ideal goal of these companies is to master all network users and all the network service provider’s network behavior. This ability to control large data in turn will profoundly affect the future direction of the Internet industry and the way people use the internet. Judging from the current pattern of the industry, FACEBOOK, Google and apple are the closest to this goal. Of course, it is quite possible that the current leading companies can not complete this historic mission, to rely on unknown companies have not yet started to develop the rules of the game to subvert the existing pattern. In any case, the next similar YAHOO, Google and FACEBOOK in the history of the company’s position in the history of the industry should be generated in the direction of big data. YAHOO 1>

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